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Great Plains Bank Partnership

Great Plains Bank Home Lending proudly announces our partnership with STK Homes.  Our bank beginnings are quite humble.  When our great state turned the corner from territory to statehood in 1907, we, too, began our existence as The Groves National Bank of Hollis, Oklahoma.

As the years passed, the name of our bank evolved, and the area we served began to grow.  But our roots in friendly, community banking remained the same.  In time, our territory added banks in communities across Oklahoma and Texas.

In 2010 Great Plains Bank started the mortgage division, and since then, we have served over 22,000 families.  We believe financing your dream home is one of life’s most significant moments.  That’s why we’ve curated the perfect mortgage process from start to finish.  Our mortgage advisors specialize in helping families achieve homeownership; it’s our mission to ensure we preserve the joy that comes with it.

Our commitment to excellence is having a local in-house team of processors, underwriters, and closers to support our mortgage advisors and the families we serve.  We are committed to closing on time every time.  Experience the difference today!

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